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HOA Accounting Software - How do I Input my HOA’s Vendor Information?
HOA Accounting Software - How do I Input my HOA’s Vendor Information?

How do I pay my HOA’s bills using HOA Messenger?

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Using the Expense Section of HOA Messenger's HOA Accounting Software, you can keep track of your HOA's expenses and pay your HOA’s vendors electronically via ACH, or by printing out checks. 💳

Step One: Add your Association’s Vendors ➕

Before you pay a bill, first add your vendor’s information.


Step Two: Input your Vendor’s Information & Save ℹ️

Our pre-build form allows you to quickly organize your vendor’s information.


What is a Vendor / Payee?

The Vendor / Payee is the person or company that has sent you an invoice for work that has been completed and for which a bill now needs to be paid.


Vendor Payee Category

Select the type of work the Vendor / Payee is qualified to complete.


Vendor / Payee Address + Email + Phone Number

You’ll want to make sure that you enter the vendor’s correct mailing address, email, and phone number. This information will appear on the checks that are generated on HOA Messenger if you decide to pay your vendor with a paper check.


Attach Documents

You can attach pdf. documents such as a W-2 or Insurance Certificate that’s relevant to a specific vendor.


Tax ID & Send 1099

HOA Messenger can automatically issue year end 1099s to your vendors who have been paid $600.00 or more. To do that you will need to enter the vendor’s Tax ID # and select “Yes” under the Send 1099 dropdown. HOA Messenger charges $15 for each 1099 issued, which will be deducted from your Funds Balance.


Insurance Expiration Date

If you enter the expiration of your vendor’s current policy, we’ll let you know if the policy has lapsed so that you can make sure that your vendors are insured.


Misc. Vendor Notes

Enter any miscellaneous information about your vendors such as alternate contact information and hours of operation, or any additional information that is not included with the basic form.


Save Vendor / Payee Profile

After verifying that all of the vendor / payee information you have entered is correct, then click “Save” in the bottom right corner.


Step Three: Repeat as many times as you need 🔄


After you add your Vendor’s information you can Pay a Bill. 🧾

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