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HOA Accounting Software - Summary of Reports
HOA Accounting Software - Summary of Reports

This Article Provides an Overview of the Reports Section of the Accounting Feature.

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HOA Messenger’s HOA Accounting Software provides Associations with the essential reports needed to ensure proper accounting of your Association’s funds. These reports are listed as follows:

Balance Sheet ⚖️

The Accounting Software's Balance Sheet summarizes your HOA’s assets, equity, and liabilities at a specific point in time.

Income Statement 💸

The Accounting Software's Income Statement, sometimes referred to as a Profit and Loss Statement, summarizes a HOA’s income and expenses over a specific period of time.

Delinquency Report ☠️

The Accounting Software's Delinquency Report summarizes the past due money that Residents may owe your HOA.

Pre-paid Report 👏

The Accounting Software's Pre-paid Report summarizes the money that Residents have pre-paid to your HOA. Residents will appear on this report if they pay more than the amount owed to the HOA in advance of the due date.

Check Register 📈📉

The Accounting Software's Check Register is a financial report that summarizes your HOA’s recorded expenses over a specific period of time.

Reconciliation Report 🧐

The Accounting Software's Reconciliation Report compares the cash balance of your HOA on the Balance Sheet to the corresponding amount on your HOA’s Bank Statement. Reconciling your HOA’s Bank Accounts is a way ensure their records are correct and can help detect fraud or inappropriate transactions.

General Ledger 🧾

The Accounting Software's General Ledger allows you to track the flow of funds in and out of your HOA’s various accounts.


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