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How does a Resident make an Amenity Reservation?
How does a Resident make an Amenity Reservation?

How does a Resident or Manager Reserve use of an Amenity using the HOA Messenger Amenity Feature?

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Once an Amenity’s operating hours and capacity details have been set up, residents can start scheduling reservations for the amenity using their Resident profiles on the HOA Messenger Mobile App. Administrators with access so the HOA’s Manager profile will also be able to schedule Amenities manually for situations where there are residents who may prefer not to download and use the mobile app. If your an administrator who wants to set up their HOA’s amenities on HOA Messenger, CLICK HERE FOR A STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE.

How does a Resident make an Amenity Reservation with the Mobile App? (Step-By-Step guide below)

Step One: From the Resident Home Screen, Click on “Amenities”

Residents can start the process of scheduling use of an amenity by first logging into their resident profile using the HOA Messenger Mobile App and clicking on the “Amenities” section.


Step Two: Click on the Amenity you wish to make a reservation for

Once an administrator has added the available amenities for reservation scheduling, residents will be able to review the available amenities in the amenity section of the mobile app. The next step in the amenity reserving process requires the resident to tap on the specific amenity they wish to reserve.


Step Three: Click on the preferred date and time of your Reservation

Once the Amenity is selected, the next step is to pick a date and time. For residents the calendar will appear at the top portion of the screen, and the available times of the selected day will appear towards the bottom of the screen. The existing available amenity for scheduling appears next to the time, in this example the capacity is “(16)”. Reservations can be made in one (1) hour increments and each time slot will need to be booked separately.


Step Four: Select the number of guests you’re bringing with you

When the amenity is first set up, the maximum guests that any one resident is able to schedule for a specific amenity is defined and residents will not be able to schedule a person count that is higher than that specified number. If the resident tries to schedule a reservation with more people then has been allowed, the resident will not be allowed to confirm the reservation and will receive the “Max no of guests per booking exceeded” message.


Once a resident lowers the number of guests to or below the maximum allowable, the reservation can be confirmed.


Step Five: Confirm Reservation

When a resident confirms a reservation, the resident will be notified that the reservation slot was booked successfully and the capacity of the amenity during the scheduled slot is reduced by the number of guests that were added. In this example, the total capacity of the amenity is “16” and the number of the residents signed up for the reservation during the 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. time slot on November 28 is now “13”. Managers will also receive a notification informing them of the new reservation.


How does a resident review their booked reservations on the Mobile App?

Residents can review their booked reservations by selecting “My Bookings”


How does a Resident review their HOA's amenity details?

The details of an amenity such as the operating hours, reservation time limit, and miscellaneous notes posted for a specific amenity can be reviewed by residents by selecting “Amenity Info”


How does a Resident make an Amenity Reservation using the Web Portal? (Premium Subscribers)

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