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How Do I Disable Resident-Resident Messaging?
How Do I Disable Resident-Resident Messaging?

As a Manager, how do I disable HOA Messenger's Management Software's Resident-to-Resident Messaging feature?

Updated over a week ago

The Resident List option available to Residents in their Mobile App Profile allows Residents to send other Registered Residents a direct message through HOA Messenger's Messaging Feature. As a Manager, you may disable this Resident-to-Resident Messaging feature by logging into the Mobile App, clicking on “My Profile” in the menu section, then click “Manage Associations”, then select the HOA you wish to disable Resident to Resident Messaging for. Finally, select “Disabled” under Resident to Resident Messaging and click “Update”. Once this feature is disabled, Residents will no longer be able to send direct messages to other residents in the community. The video below demonstrates how to disable this feature.

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