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How do I create a custom letter template for Violation notices?
How do I create a custom letter template for Violation notices?

Premium subscribers have the ability to generate letters with custom wording to accommodate unique situations that require more specificity.

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Click "Create Notice"

Click "Violation Templates"

Click "Create New Letter Template"

Select "Violation Letter"

Enter the unique details for your custom template

That's it, the new template will appear on the template list

Custom Template FAQs

  • Q: Can I create custom templates using the mobile App? A: While you're able to use the mobile app to create letters with the custom template of your choice, actually creating the templates needs to take place on the desktop application. You can log into the desktop/web application by visiting and clicking on "Manager Log-In".

  • How customizable are the custom templates? A: Your can create different templates for any variety of situations that may be common to your HOA. For instance, if your HOA does not allow Mango Trees and you want to create a template specifically for Mango Tree violations, you can. You can name that template "Mango Tree Template", then add an introductory paragraph that might explain the rule provision showing where Mango Trees are prohibited, and you could add a closing paragraph as well if you'd like to provide additional context. That way you can fully explain the violation. After adding all the necessary information and your closing salutation, you can save the template. From then on, this template will be available for you to use when you need to record a Mango Tree violation.

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