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How do I Create a Violation Letter using HOA Messenger’s Violation Software?
How do I Create a Violation Letter using HOA Messenger’s Violation Software?

This is an overview of the HOA Messenger Violations Feature

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Living in a homeowners Association has it’s benefits, and with those benefits come some restrictions. We understand that enforcing CC&Rs is not the most exciting part of Managing HOAs, but we also accept that it’s a necessary part of the job. HOA Messenger’s Violation Letter creation feature allows you to easily track the status of any CC&R violation issue.

There are two (2) ways to use the HOA Messenger Violations Feature. Either using the Web App or the Mobile App:

How to Create a HOA Violation Letter using the Web App

Select “Create Notice"


Select a Violation Type & the Violating Resident

If your using the violation software for the first time you will need to add the violation information first by clicking on “Edit Violation Info”, then proceed with this step.


Add Violation Details, Requested Corrective Action, & Attachments


Select violation template & confirm content

Here you will have an opportunity to edit the templated details if necessary. If everything looks good then click “next”.


Confirm Resident & HOA Mailing Info, then click “Confirm”


Click on newly created violation in main violation section


Select “View Letter”


Download or Print Violation Letter



How do I generate a HOA Violation Letter Using the HOA Messenger Mobile App? 📲

If this is your first time using the Violations feature, you will need to first set up your HOA’s unique violation info (i.e. CC&R/Rules References) and custom letter templates by logging into the Web App on your computer at then going to the Violations Section, Choose “+ Create Notice” and selecting “Edit Violation Info”. Once the specific violation reference info has been set up then you can start creating Violations using the mobile app by following the instructions below:

Navigate to the Violations Section and click ➕

HOA Violation Software - Mobile App 1

Select the Violation Type & Violating Resident

HOA Violation Software - Mobile App 2
HOA Violation Software - Mobile App 3
HOA Violation Tracking Software - Mobile App 5

Enter Violation Details


Select applicable HOA violation letter template


Confirm Resident Mailing & Return Mailing Addresses

To ensure the generated contact information is accurate you will Bre given a opportunity to confirm both the Resident and HOA’s return address/contact details.

Navigate to the newly recorded violation

HOA Messenger Default HOA Violation Letter

You can also schedule Zoom call 👩‍💻or a phone call 📞 with a member of our team to clarify any additional questions you have.

Violation Feature FAQs

  • Q: Is there a cost for using the violations feature? A: You are able to use the violations feature as part of the Free Tier, but upgrading to Premium will allow you to create customizable letter templates and attach pictures to your violation letters that are generated using our software. Upgrading to Premium will cost $25.00 per month or $240 per year.

  • Q: Is there a way to export violations data? A: Yes, there's a green XML icon in the top right corner of the violations section in the web dashboard. By clicking on it, you can get a consolidated spreadsheet of all the violations and their current statuses.

  • Q: Is there a limit on how many violations can be input into the system? A: No, there's no limit, Even with thousands of violations across multiple HOA. To easily find a specific violation, you can use the search functionality.

  • Q: What happens to violations that are closed out or corrected? A: Once a violation is closed out or corrected, it moves from the main violation screen to the archived screen. You can find past violations by selecting "Show archived" in the top left area of the violations section when logged into your Manager Profile on the desktop application.

  • Q: How do homeowners receive notifications about violations? It's up to you to determine which method of distribution of violation letters is necessary. You are able to download the generated letter into pdf. format and you are able to attach that letter to a message and send to a resident using the Messaging feature. We can also help you send letters by mail using the Mail feature.

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