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What features are included with your Free HOA Messenger Manager Profile
What features are included with your Free HOA Messenger Manager Profile

HOA Messenger has a robust suite of features that can be used by your HOA for Free as long as you want.

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Free Features

Click on the links below each listed feature to take a deeper dive.

Associations Section (Free)

Documents Section (Free)

Co-Manager Section (Free)

Messaging Section (Free)

Residents Section (Free)

Jobs Section (Free)

Calendar Section (Free)

Amenities Section (Free)

Violations Section (Free)

Pay as you go features

Pay-as-you go features are available to use as part of the Free Profile and are charged on a per-use basis if and when needed.

Payments Section

The optional payment processing feature involves a $3.75 transaction fee plus 3.9% of the total amount for credit card payments. Payments made via ACH have the same transaction fee plus 1.9% of the total amount. These fees are added to a resident’s payment, so there's no cost to the Association or Manager. As an example, a resident making a $100 credit card payment would incur a fee of $7.65. That same payment made via ACH would incur a $5.65 fee. Premium subscribers pay lower transaction fees, which are $1.00 + 1% for ACH payments and $1.50 + 3.5% for credit card payments.

SMS-Alerts/Non-App Resident Email Communication:

A SMS notification is a type of message that managers can send to residents, even if those residents have not created a resident profile on the HOA Messenger Mobile App. Use of the in-app messaging feature is free, so we recommend in-app messaging be the primary method of communication with residents. However, we understand that there may be some residents who’d rather not, or cannot download the app. Therefore, the SMS-Alerts and non-app resident email messaging features were designed to help HOAs close the gab between residents who have downloaded the app and those who have not so that all residents can be included in HOA Communications. Use of these features costs $0.03 per Message sent. We provide a complementary $2.00 balance when you sign up so that you can utilize test out these features and determine whether they'll work for your specific HOA's needs.

Mail Feature

We understand that it’s still required to send certain info via traditional mail, and we can help with that too! Our Mail feature allows you to upload pdf. documents and track the status of their printing and mailing via USPS. Our printing and mailing rates are competitive and can be reviewed in the mail section by logging in with your Manager profile on desktop application. The complimentary $2.00 funds balance can be used to test this feature out as well. The Mail Feature Pricing is listed in the Mail Section of the Web App

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