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How do I create a HOA Violation Hearing Notice?
How do I create a HOA Violation Hearing Notice?

The HOA Messenger Violation Software allows you to quickly generate a Hearing Notice Letter for a previously recorded HOA violation.

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We understand that HOAs Administrators often need to schedule a Hearing in an executive session Board meeting with an alleged offending homeowner who has an ongoing CC&R violation so that the matter can be discussed formally in a private setting. This setting allows both parties to discuss an alleged violation, review supporting evidence of the alleged violation, consider possible resolutions, and assess any potential penalties if applicable. This process provides the homeowner with an opportunity to present their perspective or explain any mitigating circumstances. However, prior to scheduling such a meeting, HOAs are oftentimes required to send the alleged offending homeowner written notice of the Hearing ahead of time and we help make the process of generating that written notice much easier. See below of a step-by-step guide on how you would generate a HOA Violation Hearing Notice using the HOA Messenger HOA Violation Tracking Software.

After Logging into the HOA Messenger Web Application and navigating to the previously recorded violation in the violations section:

Click "Update"


Click "Schedule a Hearing"


Enter the Hearing's Location/Date/Time Details


Select Preferred Letter Template & confirm content


Navigate to the newly updated violation


Click on "View Letter" next to Hearing Notice #1


Review, Download, or Print Letter

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