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How do I upload HOA Documents to Web App?
How do I upload HOA Documents to Web App?

As a Manager, how do I upload HOA documents using the Manager Web Portal?

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HOA Messenger allows for easy access to key HOA Documents. The information below provides an explanation on how it works.

Make sure the Correct HOA is Selected 🏘

In the Documents Section of the Webb App, select the HOA you would like to upload a comment for.

Navigate to the Documents Section then Drag & Drop a pdf. document onto the page or click to browse for a pdf. file from your device 🗂

We recommend only uploading pdf. Files to ensure most residents can view. Most resident’s phones have a default pdf. viewer, whereas uploading Microsoft Office files such as Word (docx) require residents to have that program loaded on their phones.

Confirm File Name & Viewing Permissions

Once the file is uploaded you will have a chance to adjust the file name to ensure that it is easily recognizable. You will then want to confirm who will be able to view the file. Only manager profiles can view files by default, but if you want to allow Residents or Tenants to also view the file then select the box next to the profile type that you want to allow viewing permissions for then click "Update".

Confirm the Uploaded File ✅

The name of the selected file will appear where you can confirm it is indeed the file you wish to upload on HOA Messenger by clicking on it. You can also view the selected permissions and edit the selected permissions or delete the file by clicking on edit.

Managers can also upload documents using the HOA Messenger Mobile App. For an explanation of how to do that click HERE!

CLICK HERE for examples of what the resident section looks like from the Resident's point of view.

Document Feature FAQs

  • Q: Can you move a file from one folder to another without having to delete the file from its existing folder and re-uploading it into another folder?

    A: Unfortunately no, in order to move a document file from one folder to another folder, you need to delete the existing file in its current folder and re-upload a new version of that same file in the correct folder.

  • Q: Is there a limit on how many documents you can upload?

    A: No, there is no limit on how many documents you can upload.

  • Q: Are you able to limit access to certain Documents or Folders?

    A: Yes, there are three (3) categories of access; Managers, Residents, & Tenants. When a Manager uploads a document or creates a folder, they can indicate who out of these three user categories can access the document or folder.

You can also schedule Zoom call 👩‍💻or a phone call 📞 with a member of our team to clarify any additional questions you have.

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