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How does a Manager send a Broadcast Message to all HOA Residents using the Desktop/Web App?
How does a Manager send a Broadcast Message to all HOA Residents using the Desktop/Web App?

How do I send a Broadcast Message using the Desktop/Web App?

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What is a Broadcast Message and who will receive them?

Broadcast messages are messages that are sent to all residents who have either created or registered a Resident Profile on the HOA Messenger Mobile App or the Resident Web Portal. Broadcast message can also be sent via email to "unregistered residents" who's emails have been uploaded in the resident section by the Association's "Managers" or "Co-Managers" (i.e. app administrators) in the resident section.

Note: You'll need to onboard your HOA's residents before you can start sending messages. Click HERE to learn more about resident onboarding.

How do I sent a Broadcast message using the Desktop/Web App?

Navigate to the Messaging section then click “Start a new conversation” or click on the Pencil Icon.

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Then Select "All Residents in HOA", confirm HOA, type message content, attach any documents/pictures, and click "Send".

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Web App Broadcast Messaging FAQs

  • Q: Can a resident respond to a Broadcast message, and if so can the entire community see the resident's response? A: Yes, residents can respond to a broadcast message. However, resident responses are only visible to Manager or Co-Manager Profiles.

  • Q: I just sent a Broadcast message but cannot see where it is. Where do I find past broadcast messages I've sent when using the web app? A: You can find past Broadcast messages on the web app by going to any individual message thread, where any broadcast message can be referenced within the thread.

  • Q: How do residents receive messages? A: Residents who have created or who have registered their profiles on the mobile app will receive Broadcast messages via push notification and via email to the email address used to register their profile. Unregistered residents who's emails were uploaded by Managers or Co-Managers will receive the Broadcast messages via email if enabled.

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