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Add Co-Managers using the Desktop/Web App
Add Co-Managers using the Desktop/Web App

How can I add Co-Managers to my HOAs using the HOA Software's Desktop/Web app?

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This article explains how to add new Co-Managers from your Manager Profile using the Software's Desktop/Web App. If you are looking for clarification on how to add new Co-Managers using the mobile app then click HERE.

Step One: Click “Add a Co-Manager”

Once your in the Co-Manager Section of the Desktop/Web App [See yellow box below], confirm the HOA you wish to add a co-manager for is listed on the HOA Menu located at the top right of the Co-Manager Section [see green box below], then click “Add a Co-Manager” at the bottom left [see red box below].


Step Two: Get Code

After clicking “Add a Co-Manager”, a Co-Manager Join code will be generated and the person you want to join as a Co-Manager can use this code to join your HOA. If you are trying to join your HOA as a Co-Manager, then you'll need to obtain the Co-Manager Join code from the administrator who first Registered your HOA on HOA Messenger.


Step Three: Send Co-Manager Code to Prospective Co-Manager

Once you have forwarded the Co-Manager Code to the person who you want to join your HOA as a Co-Manager, that person will need to Join your existing HOA. For clarification on how to Join an existing HOA using a Co-Manager Code, click HERE.

Co-Manager FAQs

  • Q: How many Co-Managers can I add to a HOA? A: There is no limit to the number of Co-Managers you can add to a HOA.

  • Q: Can a Co-Manager upgrade their HOA to Premium? A: No, the person who first registered the HOA, also known as the "Owner" will need to be the one who completes the upgrade. If you need to change the "Owner", please reach out to us and we'll be happy to assist.

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