What is a Manager Profile?

Manager Profiles are used to administrate your HOA using HOA Messenger.

Updated over a week ago

A Manager Profile is the type of profile used to create and manage an HOA profile on HOA Messenger. Typically these profiles are created by HOA Managers or HOA Board Members who have some form of administrative decision making authority.

Manager Profiles and separate from Resident Profiles, and if you have signed up as a Manager and want to also add yourself as a Resident also, then you'll need to log out of your Manager Profile and create a separate Resident Profile. The opposite scenario applies if you have already signed up as a Resident and want to join your HOA as a Co-Manager. In that event, you would need to log out of your Resident Profile and create a Manager Profile and join your HOA as a Co-Manager using the Co-Manager Join Code; these two types of profiles and are accessed by logging out of one and into the other.

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