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How do I Pay a Vendor’s Invoice Electronically?
How do I Pay a Vendor’s Invoice Electronically?
With HOA Messenger, you can start offering your vendors the option to get paid electronically.
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Once your HOA’s bank has been linked to the Accounting Feature, the Expense Section enables your HOA to pay their vendors electronically or with standard Checks. THIS ARTICLE EXPLAINS HOW TO PAY A VENDOR ELECTRONICALLY. Paying your Vendors electronically requires your vendor to register for online payments. For more information on how to get your Vendors registered for online payments, CLICK HERE.

Processing bills through the HOA Messenger expense feature will incur a fee that is 1% of the total invoiced amount with a $1.00 minimum charge and a $6.00 cap. For example, a $30.00 payment would incur a fee of $1.30, and a $1000.00 vendor payment would incur a fee of $6.00.

Step One: Vendor needs to Register their Recipient Bank

The first thing your vendor needs to do before being able to collect invoice payments from your HOA Electronically is Register their recipient Bank Account. For a step-by-step guide to helping Register your Vendor’s Accounts, CLICK HERE.

Step Two: Click on Pay a Bill & Select ACH Enabled Vendor

Once a vendor has registered their recipient bank, their status will be updated to “ACH is Enabled” and indicated with a green check mark.

After you click on “Pay a new Bill” you need to select an ACH enabled vendor as indicated with a green check mark.

The default payment method for ACH Enabled vendors is to Pay via ACH. You will still have the option to pay vendors using a traditional paper check by selecting the “Print & Pay Option”.

A step-by-step guide to the rest of the Bill pay process can be found HERE.

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