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HOA Accounting Software - Transactions Section Overview
HOA Accounting Software - Transactions Section Overview

Here is a brief overview of the transaction page

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The Transaction section of the Accounting Feature is used to match transactions from the bank accounts linked to HOA Messenger with the transactions currently recorded using the income and expense features (i.e. homeowner assessments or vendor payments). The Transaction section also allows you to manually code transactions that are not already recorded in your books.

Example of the HOA Accounting Software's transactions page


All Time / Month to date / year to date

You have the option of viewing all of your bank transactions, or just the transactions from the current year or the current month.


Select the linked Bank you wish to review transactions for


Refresh Synched Transactions

Make sure all of the transactions from your linked bank appear by clicking the synched button. You can synch your transactions one time per day.


What does “Not coded” mean?

“Not Coded” means that the transaction has not yet been categorized in the books. In other words, the transaction has not been assigned a credit or debit account code.


What is the “edit” button for?

The “edit” button allows you to code (categorize) a transaction to the appropriate debit or credit account codes.


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