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What is the Calendar Feature & How do I Use it?
What is the Calendar Feature & How do I Use it?

This Article provides a step by step explanation of how to use the Calendar Feature.

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As a Manager, each one of the HOAs you create on the HOA Messenger App will have it’s own unique calendar. This Article provides a step by step guide to the Calendar feature and will clarify most of the questions you will have about its functionality. 📅

Step One: Select the HOA you want to create an Event for

Step Two: Click on “Create New Event”

After you select the HOA you want to create a Calendar Event for, click on the “Create a New Event” button located at the top left.


Step Four: Name Your Event & Confirm its Date

Create an easily recognizable name for you event an confirm it’s scheduled date.


Step Four: Describe Your Event’s Details & Click “Create Event”

After your event has a title & a scheduled date, make sure you add all the important event information in the “Event Description” box.


As a Manager, how do I use the Calendar Feature on the Mobile App?

To utilize the calendar feature on the HOA Messenger Mobile App you will need to first click on the “HOA Profiles” link located on the home screen, then click on the “HOA Calendar” link. After that select a date, created a title, add a description and select “Add Event”.

You can also schedule Zoom call 👩‍💻or a phone call 📞 with a member of our team to clarify any additional questions you have.

HOA Calendar FAQs

  • Q: Does the platform notify residents when an event is created? Can this notification be turned off? A: Yes, our platform does send out notifications whenever an event is created. Currently, there isn't an option for the manager to turn off these notifications. If you plan to create a large number of events at once, it may be worth notifying residents in advance about the upcoming influx of notifications and advising them about how to change their settings if they wish to opt out of these notifications. However, residents can adjust their own notification settings on their devices to opt out of these updates if they prefer. Thad said, even if residents opt out of receiving notifications, they can still see the updates or events when they look at their calendar or documents section.

  • Q: I'd like to add past events to show a history of events in the HOA Calendar. Can I do this? A: No you are not able to upload past events. If you are required to do this then we recommend uploading a pdf. document containing a calendar past events in the Documents Section.

  • Q: How do I post a recurring event on the HOA Calendar? A: Currently, posting reoccurring events on the HOA Calendar is not an available feature.

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