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HOA Accounting Software - How to add Owners / Members?
HOA Accounting Software - How to add Owners / Members?

The Income Section has 2 parts, owners/members & Assessments. The Owner/Members Part is where you can track who owes what.

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How do I add Residents to the Accounting Software?

Click "Add More Residents" (If you haven't added any Residents yet)

Note: From the income section of the Accounting Feature, click on “Add More Residents” (This example assumes that you have not onboarded any residents to the resident section) Click Here to Learn how to Add Residents Manually if you have not onboarding any Residents Yet.


Note: After clicking “okay” you will be directed to the Resident Section.


Note: Enter (or paste) HOA owner information into the spreadsheet and click save button.


Note: Double check the updated non-app resident list to ensure info is correct.


You can also schedule Zoom call 👩‍💻or a phone call 📞 with a member of our team to clarify any additional questions you have.

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