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HOA Accounting Software - Confirm your HOA’s Fiscal Year
HOA Accounting Software - Confirm your HOA’s Fiscal Year

How do I confirm my HOA's Fiscal Year in the HOA Accounting Software?

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Confirming your HOA's fiscal year is one of the first things you'll want to do when you start using HOA Messenger's Accounting Software. Below is a description of how to confirm your HOA's fiscal year end.

How do I Confirm my HOA’s Fiscal Year?

Note: To confirm your HOA’s fiscal year in the Accounting Software, click on “Edit” at the top of the Chart screen. You only are able to manually edit your HOA’s fiscal year one time, so make sure you have the correct information before editing the fiscal year. If you make a mistake that's okay; if that happens you can contact us and we will help you make the necessary correction.

Using the dropdown, select the ending month of your HOA’s Fiscal Year and click "Save".

After saving, the confirmed Fiscal Year (FY) will appear at the top of the chart screen.

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