Resident Merging

What does it mean to Merge a Resident and why would you need to do it?

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HOA Messenger has two ways to onboard Residents. Residents are either categorized as an "Registered Resident" or a "Unregistered Resident". Residents who join your HOA by downloading the Mobile app or Register using the Resident Web Portal and request access are considered "Registered Residents" whereas "Un-Registered Residents" are residents who's details have been added to the platform manually through the Unregistered Resident onboarding process.

However, a resident who has been onboarded as an "Unregistered-Resident" may decide later on to download the mobile app or Register on the Resident Web Portal and join the community as a "Registered Resident", so this is where Resident Merging becomes important because it prevents duplicate owner information.

Thus, if an HOA's administrator onboards an entire HOA manually via the Un-Registered Resident onboarding process, but some of those Residents then download the app or register on the Resident Web Portal at a later time and join as a Registered Resident, you'll want to make sure that you merge their newly Registered Resident Profiles with their previously uploaded Un-Registered Resident information. Keep in mind that if a resident decides to register using the same email address that was uploaded during the unregistered resident onboarding process, then that resident using the same email address will be merged automatically. The Merge process will only be necessary if an Un-Registered Resident decides to Register using an email address that is different from the one that was input during the Un-Registered Resident Onboarding Process. The tutorial below shows you how to merge Un-Registered Residents with newly onboarded Registered Residents who used a different email then the one pre-loaded by the manager during the ignition Un-Registered Resident Onboarding Process:

STEP 1: Click "Edit"


STEP 2: Click "Merge"


STEP 3: Select Non-App Resident you want to Merge


STEP 4: Confirm Selection


STEP 5: Click "OK"


STEP 6: Now your Non-App Resident has been Merged


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