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Intelligent Auto-Reply Explained
Intelligent Auto-Reply Explained

Auto-Respond intelligently to resident questions by leveraging the power of AI.

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What is Intelligent Auto-Reply?

HOA Messenger's Intelligent Auto-Respond feature is powered by OpenAI's ChatGPT Large Language Model, which allows HOAs to respond to resident inquiries automatically with dynamically tailored responses. This means less time spent on manual correspondence for your most frequently asked questions, and more time focusing on other tasks that require your attention. Intelligent Auto-Response not only reduces your workload, but also enhances resident satisfaction with prompt, personalized replies.

How does Intelligent Auto-Reply Work?

When Intelligent Auto-Reply is activated and a Resident sends you a Message, your HOA Notes are scanned for relevant information related to the Resident's Message. If relevant information related to the resident inquiry is found in your HOA's notes, then Intelligent Auto-Reply will provide a tailored answer to the Resident's question (HOA Notes Content Best Practices). This correspondence takes place within the existing messaging interface, so Managers can seamlessly jump in at any time to clarify more complex questions with no relevant notes, or questions that may require further context that a resident may need to consider.

Resident Experience

Intelligent Auto-Reply can hold complete customer support conversations based on the information available in your HOA's Notes. Answers sent by Intelligent Auto-Reply are presented in a bright teal color.

How much does Intelligent Auto-Reply Cost?

Intelligent Auto-Reply is available as part of our Premium Subscription offering, which gives you access to Intelligent Auto-Reply along with a comprehensive suite of features designed to assist with the management of your HOA(s).

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