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Getting Started using the Amenity Scheduling Feature
Getting Started using the Amenity Scheduling Feature
How do I set up an amenity for resident scheduling?
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This Article provides a step-by step guide on how to set up the HOA Messenger Amenity Scheduling feature, which gives your HOA the ability administer the schedule of an amenity where there is a need to regulate the number of people able to use it at any given time.

Below ⬇️ is a video walkthrough of how to use the Amenity Feature.

Step One: Click on “Amenities”, select a HOA, & click “+Create Amenity”

Before residents can start scheduling their use of your community’s amenities, you first need to set up the amenity details using the Manager Profile.

Step Two: Give your HOA an easily recognizable name

Give your HOA a name that every member of your HOA should recognize, such as tennis court, game room, community clubhouse, etc..

Step Three: Confirm Your HOA’s Operating Days + Hours

Select the Amenity’s Days of operation and hours of operation. If your amenity is open 24 hours then you can just click the box next to “Open 24 Hours”

Step Four: Confirm the Amenity’s Capacity Limit

What is the maximum number of people who can use the amenity at any given time. The number of guests scheduled by residents will never be allowed to exceed this number.

Step Five: Confirm the Amenity’s Reservation Time Limit

Confirm the maximum amount of time for which Residents will be able to reserve the amenity during a 24 hour period. Residents are able to reserve the amenity in 1 hour blocks, so if the reservation time limit is 2 hours then a resident will be able to schedule up to 2 one hour blocks within a 24 hour period. If your amenity does not have a reservation time limit and Residents are allowed to use the amenity as long as they’d like, simply click on the box next to “No Reservation Limit”.

Step Six: Confirm the maximum number of guests allowed for each reservation

You’ll need to confirm the maximum number of guests that residents are allowed to include in each reservation. In order to prevent any one Resident from taking up the entire capacity of an amenity, you can limit the number of guests that a resident can include with each reservation.

Step Seven: Enter any General Notes about the Amenity and Click “Submit”

Finally, you can include any General Notes about the Amenity such as the need to submit a deposit or cleaning fee, or any important rules associated with the amenity.

For a step-by-step guide on how Residents schedule a reservation once the amenity has been set up, CLICK HERE.

You can also schedule Zoom call 👩‍💻or a phone call 📞 with a member of our team to clarify any additional questions you have.

Amenity Feature FAQs

  • Q: How do I set up and manage amenity reservations? A: You can set up amenities such as a gym or tennis court, specify their hours of operation, capacity, and reservation restrictions. For instance, if you have a gym that is open from 6 AM to 10 PM, has a capacity of 10 people, and allows reservations for up to 2 hours per day with a guest limit of 2 people, you can input these details. You can also add notes regarding specific rules for the amenity so if a clubhouse reservation needs to be approved or if a desist is required you can clarify those details in the Amenity Notes. After setup, residents can make reservations via the app by selecting the amenity, choosing an available time, and specifying the number of guests they will be bringing with them. The app shows the amenity info and confirms the reservation, and the time slot becomes unavailable for others if the amenity's programed capacity is fully booked. Additionally, as a Manager you can manually input reservations on your end if a resident prefers to call in and make a booking.

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