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Resident Section of a Manager Profile in the Desktop / Web App; explained
Resident Section of a Manager Profile in the Desktop / Web App; explained

The Article below provides a general overview of the Resident Section of the Desktop / Web App.

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The resident section of HOA Messenger allows you as an HOA administrator to maintain a database of your Association’s owners so that their contact information is readily available when you need it. The Resident Section serves a variety of other features that require resident information, including the messaging feature, the mail feature, and the violations feature, so it’s one of the most important features in HOA Messenger to understand. TAKE A TOUR.

In the Resident section of the Desktop / Web App there are two different Resident categories; Residents who have downloaded and created a Resident profile on the Mobile app (in-app Residents), and “non-app Residents” who have not created a Resident profile. We understand that not everyone in your community will want to download a mobile app, so the non-app resident functionality will allow you to close the gap.

In-app Resident

An “In-App Resident” is a resident who has downloaded the HOA Messenger Mobile App, created a Resident Profile, and has registered with your Association.

Non-app Resident

A “non-app Resident” is a resident who has been added to HOA Messenger manually. Click HERE to learn more about onboarding non-app Residents.

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