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What is the Mail Feature and how do I use it?
What is the Mail Feature and how do I use it?

With the HOA Messenger’s Mail feature you can have us print and send any traditional paper mail you might need to send out.

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Before using the mail feature, you will need to add Residents to the HOA. If you have not already done this, please CLICK HERE for a step-by-step guide on how to get started.

Step One: Click “+ Send Mail”

Step Two: Confirm HOA, Name Mail Piece, & Click “Next”

Step Three: Confirm Recipient, Return Address, & Click “Next”

Step Four: Single Sided or Double-sided? B&W or Color?

Step Five: Upload a pdf. Copy of the Document You Want to Mail

HOA Messenger will mail the exact contents of the pdf. That is uploaded, so please make sure the uploaded pdf. Copy is exactly what you want to mail before confirming.

Step Six: Confirm you have enough Funds

HOA Messenger will automatically calculate the Total Cost of the Mailing based on the number of pages in the uploaded pdf., the number of Residents who need to receive a copy of the pdf., and whether the mailing will be double sided or printed in color. The cost of the mailing will be drawn from your Funds Balance, so if you don’t have enough Funds on your profile then you will have to add more to send your mailing. If you have enough funds to send the mail order then you’re good to go.

Step Seven: Confirm Recipient / Address Info + Include any Special Instructions

Once you confirm the number of Recipients and the Mailing and Return addresses are correct, click “Confirm” to submit the document for mailing. You may also include any special instructions or notes that you feel might be relevant to the mailing of the submitted document. If you need instructions on how to add more residents or edit their mailing address information, CLICK HERE.

Mail Feature FAQs

  • How long does it take for the mail to be sent out? Once you confirm your mailing order, it will typically be sent out within 48 hours. The mail is sent from California so you should consider a minimum of four days for the mail to reach its destination. ou'll receive notifications at various stages of the mailing process. You'll first receive a receipt confirmation, followed by a notification of the scheduled mailing date, and finally a notification once the mail has been sent. This allows you to track your mail along its journey.

  • What is the cost of the mail feature? The pricing for the mail feature is competitive. and comprehensive pricing details can be found in the "Mail" section of the Manager Profile using the desktop application.

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